Thursday, February 25, 2010


I just survived 36 hours of on-again, off-again (mostly off-again) power outage during this current snowstorm in southern Vermont. My Internet has been out since Tuesday night.

These outages remind me of how much I am dependent on electricity and the Internet (and TV!). And especially the Olympics.

While I have been watching the marquee events (speed skating, downhill, ice skating, and snowboarding), I have become addicted to curling. I know! It's so odd. Like watching corn grow (did you know you can hear corn grow? I grew up in Illinois - it's true!)

Curling is getting a lot of exposure during this Olympics (it heps to be in the same time zone and have multiple NBC channels carrying the events). The US teams have struggled and will not win medals. But I know I'll be following them now and will look for them to return in 2014.

There are so many unique winter Olympics events. Nordic Combined, Biathlon, short track speed skating, curling.

I am huge Olympics fan and supporter. I will miss the Olympics when it comes to a close Sunday night. But the good news is that the Formula 1 season starts March 12 (Friday practice) in Bahrain!

Okay, time to do a little work before the next curling match at 5. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed the power stays on. It's flickering . . .

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