Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Giving is the getting

Today, too many people are focused on what they are going to get - how much will I make, how much does it cost, when is my first day off, what are my benefits, when will you get it to me, and on and on.

They expect others to give first. They give only if they have to, and only in return for something.

The real gifts we get in life are the result of giving. Helping someone who has fallen is a two-way gift, reaping immediate benefits for each party.

A smile often brings a smile in return. However, I must say that people (in general) today are so reserved, so afraid of expressing themselves, so guarded that I often don't get smiles in return.

As I take walks along our rural roads, I always wave to passersby. Most return the wave, but I often wonder how many are waving "only" because I waved first. Would they wave to me if I didn't?

That doesn't really matter. The gift I receive is the good feeling of being a good person. A friendly person offering something first without expectation or need of something in return.

Being nice to people is what we want others to do. And to others, we are the other person. We can't control what others give to us, and to be honest, it doesn't matter. Our giving to others is a gift we give to ourselves.

Give and get give.

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